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These are 10 Favourite Universities in Indonesia

Zia Ul Haq     10:19    

From hundreds of universities in Indonesia, there are several which are most favourite ones. This is a rank of 10 most favourite universities based on entusiasm of registrants enrollment in 2015 period;

1. Padjajaran University (UNPAD)

In September 11th 1957, UNPAD was born from the pretention of Bandung society to have a university with complete faculties. Today, UNPAD which is located in Jatinangor, Sumedang, West Java, has 16 faculties with 1.000 foreign students and be hunted by 72.000 registrants around Indonesia.

2. Gadjah Mada University (UGM)

This is the first university that was established by Indonesia government post independence day. This university is located in te center of education city which is Yogyakarta. Built on December 19th 1949, early UGM just had 6 faculties. Today, there ara 18 faculties with a postgraduate school and a vocational school. The registrants are up to 62.000.

3. North Sumatera University (USU)

USU was established on Juni 4th 1952. In it’s early time, it was a private foundation. In 1957, it became a state university under authority of Indonesia government. This university is located in Medan, North Sumatera, and it was the only university out of Java Island which can attracted up to 60.000 registrants around Indonesia.

4. Diponegoro University (UNDIP)

Early, this campus was Semarang University. In October 15th 1960, President Soekarno gave name ‘Diponegoro’ to this campus as a state university. UNDIP is located in Semarang, a capital city of Central Java. With 11 faculties, this campus is going to become a supreme in research. In late period, there are 57.000 registrants were attracted to this university.

5. Brawijaya University (UB)

Brawijaya University was established on January 5th 1963. This an A accredited university had 12 faculties, one vocation program, and one postgraduate program. This campus is located in the middle of Malang city, East Java, one of most favourite university with 56.000 registrants last year.

6. Semarang State University (UNNES)

This campus started as an education and teacher institute. Since 1965, UNNES had been a conservation campus for nature and nation culture preservation. Today, UNNES has 8 faculties for graduate programs and 27 programs for postgraduate. In last period, UNNES which is located in Semarang, Centraj Java, attracted up to 51.000 registrants.

7. Indonesia Education University (UPI)

UPI originally came from an education and teacher institute of Bandung, West Java. It was established on October 20th 1954 with 5 faculties. Today, with 49.000 registrants in last period, it has 7 faculties with postgraduate school and laboratory school.

8. March 11th State University (UNS)

On March 11th 1976, UNS was inaugurated. This campus was a combination of several colleges ini Solo city, Central Java. Those colleges then became faculties of UNS. Last period, up to 48.000 registrants chose UNS to learn.

9. Yogyakarta State University (UNY)

From education and teacher institute of Yogyakarta which was established on May 21st 1964, this campus became UNY. This ‘The Green Campus’ is going to be one of World Class Uniersity since 2008 after it’s 11 units got ISO certificate. Of course, this reputation become a substantial consideration of more than 46.000 registrants last period.

10. Malang State University (UM)

UM originally came from a teacher education college of Malang, East Java, which was established on September 1st 1959. Formerly, that college became an education faculty of Airlangga University, then became a separate college entity. This college entity became UM on August 4th 1999. As one of favourite university, UM attracted up to 43.000 registrants. [Madaaris – Zia]


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